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Post by Azaziel on Mon May 21, 2012 7:25 am

The just recently concluded ACTU ( Australian Council of Trade Unions) conference highlighted a couple of very important points for me,

First point, was Ex PM Keating giving a talk about ex ACTU chief Kelty, saying he was the best of his generation, and more pointedly, Kelty's response, that the problems besetting Labor and the unions, was not and is not the media's fault, and not the fault of the opposition and Abbott, in fact, he stated the opposition was doing what good oppositions should do, that is beat up on government, he then went and spoilt his talk, by saying the leadership of Labor and unions was not responsible for current mess they are in, what world or universe is he living in, of course, it is a leadership problem, pure and simple

and second point, when you look at the speakers, they were mostly the old guard, ex PM's Hawke and keating, ex ACTU leaders like kelty, who BTW make the current crop look like toddlers, it was a stark reminder of the absolute lack of class and leadership ability of the current crop of left leaders


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