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PM's disgust too little too late

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PM's disgust too little too late Empty PM's disgust too little too late

Post by Azaziel on Thu May 17, 2012 1:07 pm

One has to wonder, why has it taken so long, PM is not that thick, did she just think she could bluff the australian voters, again a major lack of judgement by PM

Belated 'disgust' is beyond belief
From: The Daily Telegraph May 16, 2012 12:00AM
THE federal government's twists and turns over the Craig Thomson HSU affair have been extremely instructive.

As Australian Workers' Union secretary Paul Howes indicated yesterday, the government would have handled the Thomson matter differently had Labor enjoyed its previous parliamentary majority.

We can assume this to mean that Labor would not have supported Thomson for quite so long as it did following claims that as a union official he had used union funds to pay prostitutes and finance his election campaign for the seat of Dobell.

Thomson maintains that he is innocent of all charges, recently proposing that he was the victim of an elaborate HSU set-up.

The real victims here may be the electorate, which some time ago reached the same conclusion as has the AWU's Howes: that Thomson's explanation for the HSU scandal fails the "believability test".

Australians expect a certain level of hard-nosed cynicism from politicians, but this Labor government is pushing matters to a new level. Following an eternity of expressing full support for Thomson, Prime Minister Julia Gillard abruptly decided last month that an undefined line had been crossed.

With a "dark cloud" suddenly hovering over parliament, Gillard moved to suspend the member for Dobell. And now Gillard has told the ACTU congress that she is "disgusted" and "dismayed" by the HSU affair. Welcome to the rest of Australia, Ms Prime Minister. The problem for the government, however, is that much public despair is also aimed at Labor over its previous and long-standing reluctance to take action over the Thomson matter.

It is difficult for the Prime Minister and the government, not to mention the broader Labor and union movements, to sound credible now that they've apparently decided Thomson is a liability. After all, Thomson's story has never really changed.

As Paul Howes might well have put it, the government's newly-voiced disgust fails the "believability test".


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PM's disgust too little too late Empty Re: PM's disgust too little too late

Post by bass on Sat May 19, 2012 9:01 am

Galaxy poll finds no Julia Gillard Government MP would survive election in Queensland, with 23% primary vote

by: Steven Scott, Anna Caldwell
From:The Courier-Mail
May 19, 2012

What we did to Bligh we're ready to do to Federal LABOR next year. Very Happy

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